Setup guide and troubleshooting

EpocCam transforms your iOS and Android devices into High Definition webcam for your PC or Mac. This guide explains how to set up EpocCam.

1. Requirements

EpocCam Application in your phone/tablet

  • iOS devices: iOS 10.3 or later
  • Android devices: Android 4.0 or later

EpocCam driver (Free to download from here)

  • macOS: 10.11 or later
  • Windows: Windows 7 or later

WiFi network or USB cable connected from phone to computer (iOS only). On Windows USB-connection also requires iTunes installation.

2. Setup Guide

If you want to get quick overview, please watch the video for PC and macOS below. The detailed instructions are as follows.

  1. Please check the requirements above.
  2. Setup your wireless network. Both your computer and phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. Exact setup details depend on your Windows version and phone model, please check Microsoft and Apple support how to connect to wireless network if needed.
    iOS devices also support USB connection. Connect iPhone/iPad to computer using USB-cable. Make sure your device is shown in iTunes, sometimes device is not recognized correctly and needs to be reconnected.
    Third connection option for iOS is Newtek NDI. NDI connection does not require installing EpocCam drivers for computer. For example Ecamm Live broadcasting application supports NDI.
  3. Install EpocCam Application to your phone: You can download from Apple App Store or Google Play.
  4. Install EpocCam driver to your Mac/PC computer. You can download it from Kinoni front page.

Now the setup is completed. Let’s TEST!

3. Test EpocCam

Verifying EpocCam installation:


  1. Start “EpocCam Viewer” on your Computer. Start Menu -> Programs -> Kinoni -> EpocCam Viewer.
  2. Open EpocCam Application on your phone/tablet.


For macOS, we don’t provide dedicated tester app, but we recommend testing with web browser and this website: WebRTC samples to test it.

  1. Open WebRTC Samples on web browser.
  2. Choose “EpocCam” from “Video source”.
  3. Open EpocCam Application on your phone/tablet.

When searching the server, the phone’s screen should look like this.

EpocCam testing

Android devices

Connecting might take a while for the first time. But once the connection is made, connection is remembered. So connection time is much shorter from the second time.

When the connection is made, you should see video in the viewer on your computer immediately. If you cannot see the video, please check troubleshooting.

4. Uninstallation


Use Windows control panel or uninst.exe on EpocCam installation folder. Before uninstallation make sure all the applications using EpocCam (Skype etc) are closed, otherwise you may need to restart the computer.


Run provided uninstall script from Terminal:

sudo /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/EpocCamPlugIn.plugin/Contents/Resources/

If the script does not work you can also type the following commands in Terminal:

launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.kinoni.epoccam.daemon.plist
sudo launchctl stop com.kinoni.epoccam.daemon
sudo launchctl remove com.kinoni.epoccam.daemon
sudo rm -r /Library/LaunchAgents/com.kinoni.epoccam.daemon.plist
sudo rm -r /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/VirtualMic.driver
sudo rm -r /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/EpocCamPlugin.plugin

5. Pro vs free version

EpocCam iOS and Android apps have both free and paid versions available. Following table shows differences between versions.

FeaturePro versionFree version
Video ResolutionUp to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p)Up to 640 x 480 pixels
Front Camera
Wifi connection
USB Connection (iOS only) (iOS only)
Newtek NDI Connection (iOS only) (iOS only)
Choose Connection Mode (USB / WiFi / NDI) (iOS only)
Pinch to zoom (iOS only)
Manual Focus
HDR video (iOS only)
Dual-camera (zoom) (iOS only)
Adjust Video Quality (iOS only)
Watermark on top of video


6. Green screen / chroma key functionality

EpocCam HD on iOS supports automaticac background removal functionality on devices with TrueDepth camera. Those devices include iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro. All pixels that are further away from camera than your face will be set to green color. This allows marking them as transparent when using PC applications like OBS or ECamm Live on macOS. Transparency is useful when overlaying your face on top of other video stream.

To use green screen / chroma key functionality click chroma key-button on EpocCam HD iOS app.

EpocCam will now track your face and pixels further from camera are colored green. You can change color from green to blue or magenta from app settings, as well as cutoff distance.

For best results ensure there is enough light in room, but avoid direct sunlight as it will distract infrared depth camera.

Chroma key only supports 640×480 video resolution for now as that is maximum resolution for depth camera.

7. Troubleshooting

If you experience problems using EpocCam, this section will guide you through typical issues.

Doesn't work with apps like Zoom, SnapCam, Skype for Business on macOS

Recently many macOS application have started enabling security feature called library validation. This disables using virtual webcams like EpocCam. You can leave feedback to application developers to bring back support for virtual webcams but there is also a workaroud. You can remove signature from the app allowing it load again load third party libraries such as EpocCam plugin. Here is video how to do it using following steps

  1. Install Xcode command line tools via by typing: xcode-select --install
  2. Remove application's code signature with, for Zoom type: sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/
  3. Quit and relaunch the app with signature removed, it will now detect EpocCam
Similarly if you want to remove signature from SnapCam, type: sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/Snap\  

Doesn't work with Cisco Webex Meetings on macOS

Cisco Webex meetings also uses library validation that disables third party webcams. To use EpocCam with WebEx please follow these steps: Install Xcode command line tools via by typing: xcode-select --install Remove WebEx application's code signature with by typing: sudo codesign --remove-signature/Users/<your username>/Library/Application\ Support/WebEx\ Folder/T33_64UMC_<webex_version>/Meeting\ For example if your username is johndoe and WebEx version is type

sudo codesign --remove-signature/Users/johndoe/Library/Application\ Support/WebEx\ Folder/T33_64UMC_40.2.17.17/Meeting\

A downside of unsigning Webex app is that you can't launch it automatically anymore. You need to launch it manually from Application Support-folder.

Doesn't work

If EpocCam is not working as expected always check these first. Windows Open Windows Task Manager services tab to make sure both Bonjour-service and KinoniSvc are running. If not, start them by right clicking and choose "Start Service". If you cannot see Bonjour-service or KinoniSvc, please (re)install required Windows drivers. macOS Open Activity Monitor, kill EpocCamDeamon and try to connect EpocCam again.

Driver and EpocCam Viewer incompativility (Only on macOS)

EpocCam driver for macOS (version 1.0 and later) is not compatible with EpocCam Viewer, or rather they compete for the same resource. If you are using an application like Skype, FaceTime or flash plugin application with EpocCam, please close the EpocCam Viewer completely.

Not shown as webcam in other applications

  1. After installing EpocCam drivers you have to restart all webcam-enabled applications before EpocCam is visible to them. Alternatively you can reboot computer.
  2. On macOS 10.14 Mojave Apple has stopped supporting third party webcams in Apple applications like FaceTime, Safari and Photo Booth. Nothing we can do about that, sorry.
Pleae also check FAQ for how to set up EpocCam with other applications.

WiFi connection not working

Windows Check your firewall settings. Your firewall application can block the traffic between PC and phone. If you use Windows firewall EpocCam Windows installer will automatically configure it to allow traffic. If you are using third party firewall software like Norton or F-Secure you need to configure them to allow Bonjour-service traffic on UDP port 5353. Also allow 'KinoniSvc' to accept incoming connections to TCP port 5055.

Poor video quality

  1. EpocCam uses up to 3 megabits per second bandwidth while streaming video over WiFi connection. Make sure your wireless network has enough available bandwidth.
  2. Disable Bluetooth on both mobile phone and PC. Bluetooth devices can interfere with WiFi connections.
  3. Usable WiFi range is about 10 meters while using EpocCam. Try to keep mobile phone and PC as close to each other as possible.
  4. For best quality use USB-connection whenever possible.
  5. Newtek NDI streaming requires much more bandwidth than using EpocCam drivers. Please consider using other connection methods.

Video playback is slow or breaks up on PC

  1. One of the possibility is that your computer is not able to process the video in real-time. Try to use lower video resolution, for example switch from 1920x1080 to 640x480. Also make sure you are not running any other CPU-hungry application at the same time. For 720p HD video a dual-core CPU is recommended.
  2. Another possible reason of bad quality is caused by WiFi connection. Look at the WiFi connection checklist above.
  3. Make sure only one application is using EpocCam at a time. Remember to exit EpocCam Viewer before using EpocCam with other applications.

EpocCam Viewer on Windows shows error "Couldn't bind moniker to filter object! hr=0x80070005"

This error means Windows applications do not have access to camera. Go to Windows Settings -> Camera and enable 'Allow apps to access your camera' setting. Then restart EpocCam Viewer.

8. FAQ

What's new in the new EpocCam driver for Windows?

In November 2018, we released a completely new EpocCam driver for Windows (v.2.9.0 and later). This driver is for Windows 7 and later. If you face the following problems with the old drivers (v.2.8.x), please try the new driver.

  • Works with EpocCam Viewer but not with other applications such as Skype, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • EpocCam is shown as "Unknown devices"
  • Unsigned driver problem
  • Has a problem with audio (microphone) support
The new driver is tested with Windows Camera, Skype, Google Chrome, Camtasia, Debut Video Capture and many more.

EpocCam is incompatible with FaceTime and Photobooth on macOS 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina

In Mojave Apple built-in applications use hardened runtime. Apps using hardened runtime can not load third party plugins unless explicitly allowed by app developer. This means third party camera drivers do not work with Apple apps. We are trying to find a solution to this but at the moment there is nothing we can do about this issue.

How to record video with EpocCam

EpocCam doesn't provide recording function. You can use third party applications for recording. Windows We recommend Windows Camera Application.

  1. Choose EpocCam as Camera source. The name might be different (Sometimes it shows “Main Camera” not EpocCam). EpocCam is the one that white circle is circling with black background.
  2. Once you see the white circle, start EpocCam on your phone.
Now you are ready to record video. Please use the recording function of Windows Camera. macOS We recommend QuickTime Player. Choose "EpocCam" for Camera.

How to use Syphon framework enabled application

  1. If you have already installed EpocCam driver or EpocCam Viewer, please uninstall them. The driver's uninstallation instruction can be found above.
  2. Download and install EpocCam Viewer Pro.
  3. Run EpocCam Viewer Pro.
EpocCam Viewer Pro should be kept running while using Syphon framework enabled application.

How to use with Skype

From Skype menu, Preference -> Audio/Video tab. Choose "EpocCam" as Camera.

Can I connect multiple cameras to one computer

You can connect only one camera at a time with EpocCam. For macOS, Kinoni offers an application called EpocCam MultiCam. EpocCam MultiCam enables an user to connect up to 4 cameras to one computer.

I have no WiFi available, can I connect with USB cable?

Yes, on iOS USB-connection is recommended for best video quality and stable connection. Android app only supports WiFi currently.

My iPhone supports 1920x1080 video but applications use lower resolution video

EpocCam camera plugin on Windows/macOS provides 3 resolutions: 640x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Each application using camera can freely choose from those. Typically for example Skype uses 1280x720 video resolution even if you have powerful computer and fast internet connection.

Free version supports 1920x1080 video, why should I upgrade?

EpocCam camera plugin on Windows/macOS provides 3 resolutions: 640x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. EpocCam iOS/Android app free version only sends 640x480 video, so if you choose higher resolution on video application video is upscaled, keeping low quality. Paid app has almost 7 times more pixels and provides more details even on lower resolutions.

What are 'hardware' and 'software' video processing options on macOS

To deliver video from phone to computer in real-time EpocCam utilizes video compression. Before displaying video it needs to be decompressed. 'Software' option uses computer CPU to process the video and 'Hardware' option uses dedicated hardware block. We recommend using 'hardware' option for best performance. However, if you experience issues with video quality try 'software' option for best compatibility.

There is no option to choose EpocCam as camera inside Skype or Zoom on macOS

IF you are using EpocCam Viewer it can only display video stream on screen. To use EpocCam as a camera inside other applications you need to download our plugin for macOS. For plugin to work correctly you also need to quit EpocCam Viewer. Please notice plugin only connects to iPhone when some application is using EpocCam camera plugin. This bevahiour is different to Windows driver that automatically connects to iPhone app even if no application is using EpocCam camera plugin.

From where can I see EpocCam end user license agreement (EULA) and privacy policy?

Our iOS apps use standard Apple EULA available here. EpocCam privacy policy is available here.