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Kinoni Remote Desktop
Setup guide


With Kinoni Remote Desktop you can use your PC as if you were sitting in front of it. You can use full web browser, watch Flash videos, play games and use office applications.


* Kinoni Remote Desktop application, download it from Nokia Store, Android Market or Windows Phone Marketplace
* PC running Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
* Internet connection for both PC and mobile phone


1) Install Kinoni Remote Desktop client.
2) Download and install Kinoni Remote Desktop server to your PC from here.
During installation you will be displayed a dialog as shown below. Enter a password for remote access and memorize it. Also write down list of computer addresses, you will them when connecting to PC.

3) Start Kinoni Remote Desktop application on your phone. It will automatically scan computers on local wifi network and add them to server list displayed on screen. Click on server name to connect to it. Alternatively you can click "Add new server" and enter computer host name or IP address manually. Enter address from list of addresses dispayed on step 2.
5) Next you need to enter password. Type the password you entered on step 2.
6) Connection is now established. After a few seconds you should see computer desktop on your phone screen. If not, check troubleshooting section below.

After connecting to server it is automatically saved to server list. When connecting to same server later you can just click server name. You can delete a saved server by tapping and holding on it's name. Renaming is also done using tap-and-hold.


Control your PC mouse using touchscreen gestures. To move mouse cursor use one finger. To zoom in or our, use two finger pinching. Tap-and-hold for right mouse button.
Click the triangle symbol on lower-right corner to display virtual keyboard and menu. Menu has button to exit connection and to switch between mouse drag and panning mode. In drag mode you can do drag and drop gesture instead of panning.


If you experience problems using Kinoni Remote Desktop this section will guide you through typical issues.

No audio

Audio is only supported on Kinoni Remote Desktop Pro. Also make sure audio is not muted by clicking volume buttons on phone. There is a known issue that audio doesn't always work on Windows XP. We are working on it, fix will be released soon.

Connection only works once

Kinoni Remote Desktop application automatically saves connection details, including IP address. When you connect the server next time using saved connection it is possible that server IP address has changed and connection cannot be established anymore. Try deleting the saved connection (tap-and hold on server name) and wait for automatic discovery to find server again.

Also in some rare cases server fails to properly handle closing connection. As a result subsequent connections may fail. As a workaround you can kill process WindowsServer.exe from task manager and try connecting again. Please let us know at support@kinoni.com if you experience this issue.

Cannot connect from outside local network

There are few potential issues when connecting to server using 3G network. Please check these first:
1) IP address. You should use computers public IP address as shown in Kinoni Remote Desktop Configuration application. You can find the application from start menu to check public IP address. Please notice that your computer public IP address is typically dynamic and can change anytime. If you are unable to connect to server please check that you are using correct IP address.
2) Firewall. Kinoni Remote Desktop installer configures Windows firewall to allow traffic, but if you are using third party firewall application (Norton, F-Secure, ZoneAlarm etc) you need to manually allow inbound traffic to TCP port 5051.
3) Router settins. If your computer is connected to router instead of direct network connection you may have to set up port forwarding to ensure incoming connections from your phone are forwarded to right computer. You need to forward TCP port 5051. Port forwarding details depend on your router manufacturer and type, please study the manual shipped with your router. Below you can see setups for some popular routers:

linksys router

Linksys router setup

dlink router

D-Link router setup

belkin router

Belkin router setup