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Setup Guide

Setup guide
Pro version vs Free version


Kinoni Gamepad turns your iOS devices into Xbox Wireless Controller for PC. This guide explains how to set up Kinoni Gamepad.


Setup guide

To get quick overview, watch the video below. The detailed instructions are as follows.
  1. Setup your wireless network. Both your PC and phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. Exact setup details depend on your Windows version and phone model, please check Microsoft and phone manufacturer support how to connect to wireless network if needed.
  2. Install Kinoni Gamepad application to your phone from Apple App Store
  3. Download and install Kinoni Gamepad Windows drivers to your PC from here.
  4. Start Kinoni Gamepad application on your phone.
  5. Wait for a few seconds while your phone and PC are automatically connecting via WiFi. This is indicated by green gamepad symbol.
  6. Start playing your favourite PC games!



Kinoni gamepad controller application provides 3 different modes.

Active Mode Switch Layout Mode Edit Mode
This is the mode which you use to play a game. This is the mode to switch between multiple gamepad layouts. In Pro version, the user can have 3 different gamepad layouts. Free version provides 1 layout. This is the mode to switch between multiple gamepad layouts. In Pro version, the user can have 3 different gamepad layouts. Free version provides 1 layout.
image_active_mode image_switch_mode image_edit_mode

Edit layout

In Active Mode, swipe the screen from the left edge to reveal the menu with two options. Pressing "Edit" button will lead to Edit Mode. After modifying the layout, press "Back" to save change or/and go back to Switch Layout Mode.

Gamepad Edit Mode

In Edit Mode,
  • Add new button Long tap in empty area of the editor opens up a popup list of available buttons. Select one and it appears in the editor.
    Gamepad Edit Mode
  • Move buttons Tap, hold and drag a button to move its location.
  • Delete and re-size buttons

    Tap and hold a button to bring up Delete and Size options. While still touching the display move your finger on top of the option and release to activate it.

    deleteIcon Delete immediately removes the button.
    resizeIcon Size activates resize mode, pinch anywhere on the display to resize the button.
  • Reset the layout "Reset to default" at the end of popup menu will replace the currently selected gamepad layout immediately with the default one. Note that once it's selected, it cannot be undone.

Select layout

In Switch Layout Mode, swipe left/right to select a gamepad layout you want. Tap the screen to select a layout and to go back to Active Mode.

Server connection

The application keeps trying to connect to the servers. The connection status is shown by the icon on top right corner and color indicates the status as follows:

CONN is attempting to connect.
DISCONN is succesfully connected. Will fade out after a while.


Go to Apps & Feature on your PC, search "Kinoni Streamer", press "Uninstall".

PRO version vs Free Version

Kinoni Gamepad Controller has a free version allowing you to test functionality before buying. Gamepad Pro provides support for multiple layouts, 3D Touch support for precise trigger controll and No advertisement.


If you experience connectivity problems using Kinoni gamepad, check these typical issues.

Doesnt' work

To see if the kinoni gamepad controller is properly connected to your PC or not, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Connect PC and iOS device
  2. Press Windows + R, then type "joy.cpl" and enter to run on your PC.
  3. Press “Properties”
  4. Choose “Test” tab on Properties window (See the image)

Here, you can test if your iOS device is working as controller or not.

Doesn't work with Xbox 360

The application turns iOS devices to gamepad controller for Windows PC not for Xbox 360.

Doesn't connect with PC

  1. Go to Task Manager on your PC
  2. Choose "Services" tab
  3. Restart "KinoniRemoteDesktop" (See the image below)
  4. Restart the app on your iOS device


If you still have a problem connecting iOS device and PC, check you firewall settings. Your firewall application can block the traffic between PC and phone. If you use Windows Firewall, Kinoni Streamer installer will automatically configure it to allow traffic. If you are using third party firewall application (Norton, F-Secure, ZoneAlarm etc) you need to manually allow inbound traffic to TCP port 5051.

For more support, please contact to Kinoni support.