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Kinoni Barcode Reader
Setup Guide


Kinoni Barcode Eeader turns your iOS or Android device into wireless barcode scanner. This guide explains how to set up barcode scanning.



  1. Setup your wireless network. Both your PC and phone must be connected to same WiFi network. Exact setup details depend on your Windows version and phone model, please check Microsoft and phone manufacturer support how to connect to wireless network if needed.
  2. Install Kinoni Barcode Reader application to your phone from Apple App Store or Android Market
  3. Download and install Kinoni Barcode Reader Windows drivers to your PC from here.
  4. Start Kinoni Barcode Reader application on your phone.
  5. Wait for a few seconds while your phone and PC are automatically connecting via WiFi. After connecting is established you see camera viewfinder image on phone screen and a pop-up shows on PC system tray. If connecting fails please check troubleshooting section below.
  6. Start PC-application you want to send barcodes to. For testing purposes you can use for example Notepad-application. Make sure focus is on the window you want to send barcodes to.


Kinoni Barcode Reader has a free version allowing you to test functionality before buying. You can also use free version for limited barcode scanning. Android-version allows you to scan ten barcodes, after that you should purchase Barcode Reader Pro. iOS version allows you to scan five barcodes in a month (30 days). After you have scanned five barcodes you can upgrade to full version using in-app purchase.


Use Windows control panel or uninst.exe on Kinoni Barcode Reader installation folder.


If you experience connectivity problems using Kinoni Barcode Reader, check these typical issues.
1) Open Windows Task Manager services tab to make sure both Bonjour-service and KinoniSvc are running. If not, start them by right clicking and choose "Start Service". If you cannot see Bonjour-service or KinoniSvc, please (re)install required Windows drivers from http://www.kinoni.com


2) Check you firewall settings. Your firewall application can block the traffic between PC and phone. If you use Windows firewall Kinoni Barcode Reader Windows installer will automatically configure it to allow traffic. If you are using third party firewall software like Norton or F-Secure you need to configure them to allow Bonjour-service traffic on UDP port 5353. Also allow 'KinoniSvc' to accept incoming connections to TCP port 5055.


If you experience problems scanning barcodes please check these typical issues.
1) Camera. Some devices do not have autofocus camera, this makes scanning some barcodes with small symbols impossible. For example Apple iPad2 and iPod touch can not scan long 1D-barcodes.
2) Light. Ensure that there is plenty of light. Low-light situations cause lots of noise to camera image making barcode detecting impossible.